If you have, or even if you haven’t seen the latest of political turmoil that has hit the streets of Turkey in the last two weeks, this is a good article to get you informed. I knew very little of what was going on in Turkey, let alone why. As I watched CNBC this past Tuesday and viewed the riots and the police extensive tactics happening in Istanbul on the television, I just had to know what was going on. It looked like I was watching a replay of Egypt in 2011. What started off as peaceful protests last week had eventually turned into a blood bath this week. Many Turkish protestors were opposing the demolition of Gezi Park to be replaced by a shopping mall. With many dissatisfied citizens, protestors gathered from all across the country. But this is just not about the park. This is about the Turks being unhappy with their leadership, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Many Turks are uprising against the seemingly authoritarian rule of Erdogan stating that the government’s decision for large capital projects in the country are not really based on the needs of the people of Turkey. What allowed for such global attention on these issues is the use of social media technology. The events of this past week between the police and the protestors have gained much opinion throughout the globe. Tear gas, injuries and death are the result are yet again the result of peaceful protests gone wrong and government perhaps taking authority a little too hard over the citizens of their country. However, to PM Erdogan, he is simply enforcing a zero tolerance rule for these protestors. What makes me even more curious is the details into this Erdogan and why the people seem to despise him so much. From an economical and business standpoint, Erdogan has done Turkey some good while in charge but if the people are uprising something must not be right. I intend to dig deeper into the political structure and credentials of PM Erdogan to really get a sense of Turkey’s political outrage. Lets just hope that it doesn’t get any worse.